Thursday, August 27, 2020

SELF CARE by Leigh Stein

TRIGGER WARNING: This satirical novel (Self Care by Leigh Stein) takes aim at peddlers of: 

  • self-care
  • radical anything
  • expert branding
  • life coaching, and 
  • all others who seek to monetize a persona of themselves as flawless and virtuous (except for when their flaws are outed and then they have to figure out the perfect selfie and inspirational quote that reflect a combination of brave contrition and namaste), shout into the void with unsolicited advice about how everybody should feel and behave (even though their lives are a hot mess).
I thoroughly enjoyed the belly laughs I had in following the characters through the outrageous plot. Mixed with the laughter was a familiar melancholy about how we women search and search and frequently get bamboozled into boarding the guru bus of cliches, only to realize that the guru is just another bozo on the fucking bus that we can never get off of. 

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